ASPAP Executive



Name: Mkusa Sakala

Education: BSc, Software Development and Administration of Information Systems.

Expertise: Software Development, Database management

Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine learning.

Brief Description: Mkusa is a full-stack software developer/Engineer. He graduated from Voronezh State University in Russia with a bachelor of science in Software Development and Administration of Information systems. He is proficient in a number of programming languages including C++, Ruby, C#, Java, Javascript as well as scripting languages. He is a self-starter as well as an organizationally competent individual.

Vice President


Name: Elias Mwape

Education: MPhil. Medical Physics, University of Ghana; BSc. physics, UNZA

Expertise: Experimental physics, radiotherapy, teaching.

Research Interest: Nuclear medicine, Diagnostic Radiology and Radiotherapy

Brief Description: Elias Mwape is a Nuclear Medicine Physicist. He received his Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Medical Physics from the graduate school of nuclear and allied sciences of the University of Ghana and his BSc. Ed in Physics from the University of Zambia. Currently studying he is studying Post-graduate diploma specialization in radiation protection/heath physics from SNAS and an MBA in hospital administration and health care DPU India. Mwape is a lecturer of Physics at the university of lusaka and chreso university. His research interests include Physics of Nuclear medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, and Radiotherapy.



Name: Emmanuel Phiri

Education: BSc. Electrical Power Engineering, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia.

Expertise: Electrical engineering

Research Interest: Power Systems, Control and Automation Systems and Energy Storage

Brief Description: Emmanuel Phiri received his BSc. in Electrical Power Engineering from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia. Phiri has interned at Zesco and Konkola Copper Mines plc. and has also worked in Technical Sales and Field Service at Davis & Shirtliff. He is currently working for NR Electric as Field Application Engineer. His research interests are in power systems, control and automation systems and energy storage.



Name: Jane Banda

Education: B.Eng. Chemical Engineering, Copperbelt University

Expertise: Process engineering, forrex

Research Interest: Water treatment plants, reverse osmosis, process improvment

Brief Description: Jane Banda received her B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering from the Copperbelt University. Ms. Banda is a certified engineer with expertise in petroleum and process engineering. Banda is currently pursuing self-studies in foreign exchange.

Director of Research


Name: Mwanja Rosemary Mwango

Education: B.Eng. Electrical Power Engineering, Kazan National State Technological University, Russia

Expertise: Research, project management, leadership, strategic planning

Research Interest: Power Electrical

Brief Description: Mwanja Rosemary Mwango received her B. Eng. in Electrical Power Engineering from the Kazan National State Technological University, Russia, where she graduated with the highest honors. Mwango currently works at Barloworld Equipment.

Director of Public Relations


Name: Mwewa Bwalya

Education: BSc. Electronics engineering (2021), MBA, Quantic.

Expertise: Marketing, web development, project management, leadership

Research Interest: Science communication

Brief Description: Mwewa Bwalya is the founder of the LUBUTO outreach organization. He is the licensed distributor and marketer of Awe Academy material in Africa. Bwalya studied Special Education at The University of Zambia and is currently pursuing his BSc. in Electronics Engineering. He is currently also serving as an international board and committee member for Start Science International.

Director of Publishing


Name: Tilas Kabengele

Education: MSc. (2021) Physics, Dalhousie University, Canada; BSc. Physics, theoetical physics, Voronezh State University, Russia

Expertise: Theoretical Physics, Computational Chemistry, Machine Learning.

Research Interest: Density functional theory, Machine Learning, Computational Science

Brief Description: Tilas Kabengele is a Ph.D. student at Brown University, USA. He received his BSc. in Physics with a specialization in Theoretical Physics from Voronezh State University, Russia, and his MSc. in Physics from Dalhousie University, Canada. His research lies at the interface of theoretical quantum physics, chemistry, and materials science.

Deputy Director of Publishing


Name: Manson Mutumba

Education: BA. economics and engineering Saint Mary's University, Canada.

Expertise: Publishing, editing, economics

Research Interest: Economics

Brief Description: Manson Mutumba is an author and publisher. He is the founder of Twende Magazine and author of the Sci-fi novel Cyber Attack. Manson studied Economics and Engineering at St. Mary’s University, Canada.

Curia member


Name: Harrison Mwenda

Education: B.Eng. Electrical and electronics, Copperbelt University

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, electrical and electronics engineering, 3D printing

Research Interest: Electronics, 3D printing, theoretical physics and cosmology

Brief Description: Harrison Mwenda is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of Creation Dynamics. Mwenda received his B.Eng. in Electrical and electronics from the Copperbelt University, Zambia with a major in robotics. He has lectured at ZAMTEL College, worked at Huawei, and is currently the director of research at Creation Dynamics.